Make a survey in Spain with Feebbo

Hi there. Maybe you are an advertising agency, a consultant or a business owner and want to know what´s happening in the spanish market.

Yes, we know there are some bad news about us right now, but still we are a big market for tourism, football, as well as a 40 million consumers market looking for good products and services.

At Feebbo we can help you creating a survey for the spanish market.

  • We have a 50.000 users database segmented by 50 fields.
  • We will translate the survey for you.
  • We will send the survey and analize the data.
  • We will create a report for you in english.

Also, because we have the user´s database integrated we can do an emailing to the users that match certain criteria.

That way, Feebbo can help you target specifics customers if you want to send samples, cupons or just a nice present.

Please, feel free to send us an email and we will be happy to help you with your market research.

Market Research in Spain – Feebbo Company Profile

What”‘s feebbo? Market Research in Spain

Feebbo is a market research tool that allow you to create surveys easily and send it to the audience you want to.
The panel we have is 100% Spanish and have above 30.000 users deeply segmented.

Do you want to know what your customers think about you?

Feebbo is the perfect tool to survey your market. You can send us an email with the questions you want to ask and we will create the survey for you.


<goyo>You can create your own questions and segmenting your target public using more than 50 fields</goyo>


The cost per users is 2.5 euros and we recommend making surveys of around 500 users. Lower than that can give you not enough information and higher doesn”‘t add much more quality to the data. We say that its better to make 2 surveys of 500 users rather than 1 of 1000.

The results in hours

Because the panel is ours we deliver the results within hours. You will get the results back in a nice layout ready to go.
We can send you the data in excel if you want to create your own charts.
Speed helps you get decisions and take action in environments where time is critical such as crisis management, advertising, press conferences, media outlets, etc…

What I need to do to start?

Just register yourself and you can start creating your first survey right now. Just 2.5 euros per user you want to reach. making a survey it”‘s simple and easy. If you need assistance just send us an email. We are here to help you.

Ask real users

The best way to prepare a report, a business presentation or a press conference is to have some real numbers about the market. Is the price in the right range?, is the advertising campaign working?, is the topic we want to communicate in people”‘s mind? A survey among our users will give you the evidence needed to put your resources in the right direction.

It”‘s my advertising working?

Probably you have some numbers but you can add more meaning to your reports using a survey from our panel. Ask real people if they know your brand, your product and services as well as your reputation. Maybe your message is out there but people is not getting it right.

Am I ready for the press conference?

If you are going to say something in public you need to be 100% sure about your message. Asking people about your goals will help you refine your message and priorities. Been sure about your message will reward your audience.